Homepolishing The Beach House Great Room

Photography by Tessa Neustadt Courtesy Homepolish


Dear Diary,

I spend a lot of time wondering if the stuff I do is weird. Like is my love for peanut butter unclean? Is is wrong to drink so much coffee every morning that I start vibrating? Does it make sense to listen to NPR all day just so I can hear liberal voices murmuring things about foreign policy even if I don’t listen to what they are saying and I just use it as a substitute for being around actual humans?

When I’m not neurotically second guessing daily activities, I’m usually wishing that whatever room I’m in was brighter, that it had more natural elements in it, and that its beach view was a beach instead of Laurel Canyon Boulevard. This is why I filled the beach house with so many natural materials, muted colors, and bright whites. Speaking of bright, blinding white, my skin. I went to the dermatologist yesterday and he was like “With your skin and eyes you should never go in the sun ever again. In fact I’m outraged that you ever went outside in the first place.” So this basically dashes all my dreams of waddling out of my future beach dream house and laying in the sun all day, wondering what Mandy Moore is up to and if she ever sings “Candy” in the shower.

I know what you’re thinking. That’s so sad. But I got the short end of the latino stick (I’m half, in case you’re curious). I have a friend who has literally the same genetic makeup as me and he has brown eyes and coconut skin and he can wiggle around in the sun all day and never get sunburned. If I can’t have skin that looks like beautiful, oiled brown leather and I’m not allowed to go outside, it’s vital I make my interior space look like a dreamland. Thus, I hope my space someday looks like the beach house.


The great room (which is where the living, dining, and kitchen are located) is where the high-low elements of the project really shine. Those contemporary chairs were a steal from CB2, while the solid marble coffee table from Timothy Oulton was a splurge. [Resources listed at bottom of post].


That throw is really soft. I may or may not have nuzzled it, whispering romantic things to it, while I was styling this photograph.



The sofa is one of my favorite parts of the whole beach house. Mainly because I got a straight guy to go for it. Every time I propose a light-colored sofa to a straight guy (or any man in general) he’s all “Whut if I eat a pizza on it?” And it’s like THEN DON’T EAT A PIZZA ON YOUR SOFA. I mean, I understand the desire to eat pizza alone whilst crying and staring at the ocean, but this sofa is worth eating your pizza in the kitchen (or better yet, a dark, private, shame-ridden closet).


This succulent garden gets a fair amount of light on the coffee table, but the trick to keeping him happy is to move him into the full sun every few days to allow him to luxuriate and absorb some UV rays. Unlike me, he is genetically predisposed to sit in full sun all day without dying of sun poisoning.


I know, I know. You’ve seen crabs like this a million times. But I felt like the beach house wouldn’t be complete without one. In fact, is any house really complete without a vintage brass ash tray?


These side tables from Wisteria sold out. Which is pretty much the saddest thing that has ever happened because I think they are amazing (and they were $80) and I want everyone to have them.


I love these water glasses. Once, one exploded in my hand while I was washing it and my hand squirted blood everywhere and it looked like that scene in The Addams Family where Wednesday and Pugsley do that super gory play and blood is spraying all over everyone’s faces. My boyfriend was like “WE’RE THROWING THESE ALL AWAY NEVER AGAIN!” And then I went back and bought a few more the next day to replace them. I guess I just like the thin glass walls, feeling the chill of cold water before it hits my thirsty, quivering mouth (side note: how gross/amazing is “quivering mouth”? Use it in a sentence today). Also, I like to live in danger because I am hardcore and dangerous and will stop at nothing until I rule the streets.


These West Elm brass lamps make me lose my mind every time I look at them. They are so cool and chic looking and such a good deal. As you can tell, I love a good deal.


This built-in desk is one of my favorite moments at the beach house. You can sit at it, work on your laptop, and think about how nice it would be if you were allowed to go outside. Dreamz…



Sofa from Crate & Barrel, Marble Coffee Table from Timothy Oulton, Chairs from CB2, Geometric Sidetables from Wisteria, Chandelier from Park Collective, X-Benches from West Elm, Milo Baughman-Inspired Side Table from West Elm, Mid-Century Floor Lamps from Crate & Barrel, Wooden Tray from Crate & Barrel, Agate Coasters from West Elm, Accent Pillows from Crate & Barrel, Ivory Throw from Crate & Barrel, Sisal Rug from Rugs USA, Brass Mid-Century Lamps from West Elm, Custom Desk by Francis Capone, Desk Chair from Crate & Barrel.


Dining Table from HD Buttercup, Eames-Inspired Chairs from Amazon, Succulent Arrangements by Mickey Hargitay, Console Table from Crate & Barrel, Nelson Bubble Pendant from Modernica.

This project was completed as part of my work with Homepolish, a full service design company that is revolutionizing the interior design industry and making everything better for design-strarved clients nationwide. If you’d like to work with me or another Homepolish designer, please visit our website and sign up for a consultation. 

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  1. You always make my day. I’m sure people in offices near mine wonder why I’m giggling. If you weren’t such a fabulous designer, you would be on stage!

  2. You really outdid yourself here. Just so many beautiful things to look at plus it looks homey and cosy. Gorgeous!

  3. Take it from a Spaniard- stay out of the sun. I’ve got the dark eyes and hair that used to be dark- but my shoulders are now covered in freckles from the sun… I look like a cast member of 1001 Dalmatians 😀

  4. I can hear your voice so clearly in my head! You need to do a pod cast so I can hear what you really sound like. The beach house is amazing, the kind of house one dreams about. I only have one question, do they have kids? If so I give the sofa around 3 months before it looks like Jackson Pollock’s wet dream!

  5. Amazing work as usual!

    Btw, I love those glasses too. They take me back to my childhood, when we had similar ones and I experimentally bit down on one whilst drinking some juice. I still remember the feeling of tiny, crunchy glass shards in the corners of my lips. Mmmmm.

  6. I work at Wisteria and I too was sad when we sold out of those tables. We should be slapped in the mouth.

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