Take me to Haverland: Part 5

Photographs by Evan Joseph, Eliot Kauffman, Carl Wooley [Courtesy Michael Haverland]

Dear Michael Haverland,

As one of my favorite residential architects, you’ve done a ton of projects I love. But this particular New York loft captivates me because I am currently working on a modern minimalist beach house that is making me love minimalism more than ever before. This space is crazy, apparently the oldest concrete structure in New York and built in a space converted from a parking garage.


I love this hallway with all the built-ins. And that terrifying staircase with no railing.


The shot on the left shows the built-ins without books. It definitely looks cold and scary but I love the simplicity and repetition of the whole thing. And on the right, all that leaded glass, all the way to the ceiling. Like you, the space is bright and open.

The dining room is large and in charge. Imagine all the intimidating dinner parties you could have in there!



The living room is cavernous, but I love that wonderful fireplace. I just wanna crawl up next to it and sing it a Christmas carol.


That sink is made out of marble. I want to live in that sink.



The bedrooms manage to be softer than the common spaces in the home, adding drywall and color to make the space feel slightly more cozy.


This bathtub… Scary or awesome? There’s something about it that gives me nightmares but I can’t tell if maybe it’s really cool and I’m just not seeing it the right way. Why am I so nervous? I just can’t stop sweating.


I do love the rest of the bathroom though. But I want that green tile to be white.

Despite the possibly scary bathtub, I do love this place. I’d love to park my body in this former parking garage for the rest of time.


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