Fashion Fridays: Catsweatshirttimez with Landon from Fashion Goggled

Dear Landon from Fashion Goggled,

Things I’m entranced by:

1. Your cat sweatshirt:

Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 12.53.39 PM

2. Your cat sweatshirt:


3. Your tattoo. I have been blabbing to everyone for over a year about how I want a tattoo that is a perfect circle 1 pixel wide on my inner-forearm but no one knew what I was talking about until I showed them your tattoo and said “This, but a circle.” Now everyone knows what I want and I have you to thank you for it. Bless ye.


Photos by Tan Camera and Kristen

Read more about Landon’s uberluxurious cat sweatshirt and glamourgeometry tattoo on Fashion Goggled.


3 thoughts on “Fashion Fridays: Catsweatshirttimez with Landon from Fashion Goggled

  1. Really? A tattoo of a circle near your veins? I’m not sure what I’d think about that.
    Is he a junkie with bad aim so he needs to be reminded where to put the needle?
    If I keep looking where will I find the triangle and the square?
    Does he draw on himself, and if so, is he under the care of a medical professional?

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