This Week In Instagramz

Dear Reader,

Here is what my life looked like for the past two weeks, based on my Instagram feed.


How amazing is this beautiful hand sculpture? It’s at the gross mall in Santa Rosa that I forced my BFF from HS to take me to so that I shop my break-up woes away. A fun fact about this place is that they have the best Forever 21 Mens department in the United States of America. I’m serious. Go there!


Yes, I know you’ve seen this site a million times, but how could one EVER get sick of the Golden Gate Bride? If I had to be a homeless troll, I’d definitely choose to live under that bridge!


If you happen to be in San Francisco on a warm summer day, a trip to Dolores Park is obligatory. Mainly because there is only one warm summer day in San Francisco per year.



I’m obsessed with this resort near my parents’ house. It’s flamingo-themed. As you know, I love flamingos so this is my favorite place in the whole world.


I forced my friend Erika to help me produce these gorgeous paper banana leaves (another obsession of mine) to scatter all over for my birthday party. The party was hosted at my friend Alexis’ gorgeous Windsor Square home.


I made that painting above the fireplace.


As with everything else in my life, the cake was Joan Didion themed. Credit goes to gorgeous interior design Matthew Lanphier for this one. And to my friend Rami, who, like, actually picked up the cake.

cut lamp

A lamp from Lawson Fenning that I’ve been dreaming about since I saw it.


I love puns and Japan more than anything in the world, so I had to have this hat from Japangeles. Check out the AWESOME floral ones on their website


My favorite birthday gift of the year. A collection of drawings from The Blake Wright. Having them framed now to hang on my wall…


A few triangular paintings I am working on. My production designer friend Nathan helped me make the canvas stretchers.


A David bust on my friend’s dining table. You, too, can have this treasure. (It’s from Restoration Hardware).


A painting I found at Shopclass. It’s still available. Go buy it!


I found my new favorite restaurant in Healdsburg. A pizza restaurant named after me! Maybe I will change my name to Pizzando Soria.


Finally, I have been in love with this adorable Spanish house in Windsor Square for ages. If you know the homeowner, please tell them to put me in their will, leave their house to me, and then die immediately.

That is all. If you’d like to stay up to date on my world ogling, please follow me on Instagram. My handle is oar_lawn_doe.


5 thoughts on “This Week In Instagramz

  1. Looks like two weeks full of good living! That San Fransisco shot is outstanding!! Holy buckets!!
    I fell in love with a Spanish house like that while we were on a whirlwind trip to upstate NY in May.. If you’ve never visited the village of Owego, NY – go there.

  2. Niño (or should I call you Nene?),
    Raise your architectural standards immediately. I think a tour of Palladian villas would be a great post-break-up idea 😉 And you’d get to meet some Italians. They can be amusing.

  3. I just commented on Emily’s blog that ya’ll should come on up to pick up those Kai Samuels Davis paintings in person, then drop in for textile shopping/pro-bono decoration advice…up here in Santa Rosa. What a coinkidink! But seriously, feel free to tell me where hypothetically speaking, you’d shop if you were to loose all of your stuff in a freak accident and need to decorate your apartment using only resources within 30 minutes of the Flamingo. Thanks! 🙂

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