Tears for Spheres: Pillow Balls from the House of Yes

Dear Everyone,

Are you looking for something sculptural, unique, and beautiful for your home? Are you tired of boring normalpillows, with their boring normalpillow shape? If so, let me introduce you to Andrew Yes. He looks like this:


Andrew is a friend of mine who lives in New York, where he works as an interior designer and a visual artist. You can see some of his wonderful work on his website. Recently, he started producing a line of beautiful products, including the fantastic spherical pillows shown below. They are a great accent for the sofa, the bed, or the floor and will keep people wondering “is that, like, a toy or a pillow?” Here is a selection of my favorites from his online store (you can view the entire collection here):


Rose Tapestry Pillow Ball, $375

This is one of my favorites, and the floral pattern is abstracted that it could totally work in a man-apartment. Also, I’m dying for this ottoman:

ay.rose tapestry.lifestyle

Rose Tapestry Ottoman, $1990


Space Rock Pillow Ball, $375

This is perfect for a modern space, or a little kid’s bedroom.


The next four appeal to my love of 90z color and pattern:


Botanic Pillow Ball, $325

thumb-7.php   thumb-5.php

Full Spectrum Pillow Ball, $375


Fire Ball Pillow Ball, $375


Stitch Pillow Ball, $375

Oh pretty Stitch pillow, made of soft ivory fabric with gentle stitch detail. If I were to be smothered by any pillow, I hope it would be you. Did I just take that too far?


Dots Pillow Ball, $275

hamptons  dots pillow web


Blue Star Stripe Pillow Ball, $275

Blue + stripes + sphere = my three favorite things together. Thus, I want to put it on my face.


Aqua Batik Pillow Ball, $275


Gold Pillow Ball, $325

It’s a sphere. A gold sphere. You need this. I need this. I’m serious.

ay.gold ball.lifestyle


French Sangria Pillow Ball, $385

These are playful and Tim Burton-esque, which is probably why I love them. I’d put these in a kid’s room or a super pop loft space.


There you have it. The most exciting pillows on the market. I plan on getting a few for my apartment.  One for the living room and one for the bed. It’s good to have some round shapes (aside from my post-holiday body) to counterbalance all the rectangles everywhere.



7 thoughts on “Tears for Spheres: Pillow Balls from the House of Yes

  1. Beautiful and functional, but waaaaay overpriced. Seriously? It’s a pillow with non-unique patterns. I’m a fan, but he’s not Monet, so why so much… Money? 😉

    > >

  2. I bought 2 sphere pillows from barney’s……..when i look at them the colors lift my spirits….well made…I paid
    $165…..saved $230 +tx…..so i scored…..there not pillows…there works of art…a simple idea with with a lasting impression!!!!!!

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