Let’s Have A Hipswap!

Dear Reader,
Have you dedicated your life to filling your home with beautiful things, only to realize you’re beautiful things are starting to turn your house into a hoardingland? Well, I have. Which is why I’ve decide to do some spring cleaning. Just in time for fall. I’m selling some of my favorite things on Hipswap, which is essentially a more glamorous version of Craigslist that is much easier on the eyes (Sidenote: Dear Craigslist, why does your site still look like it’s 1996?). Anyway, below are is a selection of items I’m selling.
Falling painting, acrylic on canvas.
A ridiculously adorable bird candle holder. You should just buy this and then sell it back to me for five times what you paid. I love it enough that I already want to buy it back. But I don’t need it. Yes I do. No I don’t.
My ridiculously handy sofabed. Making this was a labor of love and I will definitely miss it, but I’ve fallen in love with a new sofa and it’s time to move on… It’s a vintage piece, completely remade in lustrous velvet.
Glamour painting, acrylic on canvas.
Totally cute chair. In my favorite color ever. Love.
Vintage globe. Because everyone needs one.
So what you should do is go to my Hipswap profile, start following me so I can follow you, and then buy stuff. Then I can buy more stuff to replace the stuff I’m selling. And the cycle will just continue forever and ever. I’m scared.

6 thoughts on “Let’s Have A Hipswap!

  1. Aw! You’re not selling your California flag! Can’t you just roll it up and hide it someplace?

  2. Love your sofa! I have that pinned, but had no clue it was yours. I saw that it was in a room that Emily styled or designed… can’t remember. Anyway, I’m currently reupholstering a similar sofa in navy velvet and if I lived in LA, I’d be pissed that you didn’t sell it sooner. But alas, I live in NJ anyway so it doesn’t matter. Someone will snatch it up quick I’m sure!

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