Whut Glamour: Union Station

Dear Diary,

I’ve always loved Union Station in downtown Los Angeles. Recently I snapped some pictures there and I’d like to share them with you. The building’s style is Mission Revival and it opened in 1939. It’s has a ton of history and (GASP!) is an actual functioning train station where you can catch the train to go down south to Long Beach or up north to San Francisco. If you’ve never taken the train in California, you must! The train tracks take you along agricultural fields and grand, golden California vistas. As for Union Station, it looks like this:

Union Station even inspired this photo by Chris Camargo, who has an excellent Photo Blog:

So whatever you’re doing. It’s not important. Go to Union Station immediately and bask in the glamour of one of our nation’s most beautiful old train stations.


5 thoughts on “Whut Glamour: Union Station

  1. It really is a wonderful little building! I understand that a few scenes in The Dark Knight Rises were shot there, and I’ve seen it in lots of other films, too, but IMDB doesn’t help finding any of them. Nice piece, Orlando! As always.

  2. I saw the post title and then yawned. Boring photos of a train station. Whatever. But then I scrolled down and you are right, this station is a beauty. Now I want to visit LA just to see this station. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love seeing pictures of some of our lovely public spaces. We need to make sure that we continue to make and preserve them.

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