Dear Keith Haring,

Thank you for the wonderful body of work you left behind in your too-short life. I’ve always been captivated by the playful, graphic nature of your work. This is why I was attracted to the wall stickers inspired by one of your installations. When it came time to add wallpaper (or, rather, Dollpaper) to my dollhouse, I decided to add some Haring flare. Below are the images of the newly papered dining room. I can’t wait to move into my own falling down barn so I can put up the full-size version of this paper.

In other news, yes the dollhouse was supposed to be done, like, ages ago. New projected date of completion: May 24, 2017. The final product, however, will be nothing short of delightful.


9 thoughts on “Wallpaper/Dollpaper

  1. Holy smokes! That wallpaper looks amazing!! I love the gold paint on the CB2 ornament chairs. This house is going to be effing brilliant when finished. I hope you find more time for it, it is simply delightful now.

    I’ll update my page later with this new pic for your entry, along with the other 83 people that worked on the challenge:

    My giant challenge is still incomplete but this is what I threw together for the first deadline. I think May 24, 2017 sounds much more doable.

  2. Does your desk chair just look like a giant blown up chair from your dollhouse dining set or did you shrink down big chairs? I’d like to be small enough to live inside your dollhouse then I wouldn’t be stressing about finding a cool house to live in in the real world.

  3. Love the wallpaper. I’ve been wondering what happened to those dollhouses. I kept thinking I must have missed something, but clearly not. Luckily you adhere to client deadlines better than dollhouse deadlines. (haha) Looking forward to the final reveal … in 2017.

  4. I loooove that last picture! If you didn’t see those HUGE chairs out the window, there’d be no way to tell that it’s a dollhouse – it looks THAT good!

  5. Oh my God! “Dear Mr. Hommemaker” is working on that gorgeous dollhouse again.
    Can’t wait for May 24th 2017! Only have to sleep 1772 times.

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