10 Non Ugly Sectional Sofas

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Do you ever sit up in bed, at a 90 degree angle, late at night, thinking about how much you hate sectional sofas? Me too. They’re often so ugly, annoying, and whale-like. They are the Ursula the Sea Witch of home furnishings. However, sometimes a room really needs a sectional. Usually when it’s too big for just a sofa, but too small for multiple sofas or a sofa and lots of chairs. I have a new client whose living room is, like, begging for a sectional, so I’ve had them on my mind lately. Below are a couple I like.

Room & Board Jasper Sofa. $2198.

Great shape with some elevation off the floor to give it an airy look that many heavy sectionals lack.

HD Buttercup Sectional. $2995.

The tufting adds a bit of visual interest while the piece remains relatively simple. Also, can’t go wrong with that navy color.

Design Within Reach Neo Sectional Sofa. $5777.

This is another clean example, no unnecessary lines. It’s weird because I’m not a huge fan of such minimal furniture but for some reason it makes sense in a sectional.

Talisman 1950s Sectional Sofa. Price upon request. www.1stdibs.com.

The sheen and shape of this one make it look like you’d slide right off, but it would be worth it because it’s so unique and beautiful. Just like you!

Blueprint Furniture Soho II Sectional. $2699.

My friend has this one and you can fit, like 45 people on it. Which counts for a lot when you’re having a party and there’s nowhere for people to sit.

Etsy Mid-Century Danish Sectional. $1250.

These are super contemporary (which I normally hate) but for some reason I still love it. Perhaps because it’s poufy and slouchy, like me when I was a teenager.

Retoration Hardware Shelter Arm Sectional Sofa. $5320.

While not very modern, this piece is appealing for its romantic, relaxed look. I can just picture it in a Nora Ephron (RIP!) film starring Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin as star-crossed, heartbroken widows who fall for each other whilst vacationing at Martha’s Vineyard.

Monunment Paul McCobb Sofa. Priced upon request. www.1stdibs.com.

This isn’t technically a sectional, but I’m into it. You complete the whole thing by putting a table between the two sofas. I love that there isn’t one superfluous line.

HD Buttercup Sectional. $2996.

This doesn’t look very comfortable. But sometimes one must sacrifice comfort for beauty.

Room & Board Murray Sofa. $1898.

This one is clean and simple. And my favorite color. WIN!

So, the moral of the story is that unless you are a lady (or a ladyface), you should probably just stick to a simple, clean-lined sectional. Otherwise your life will be ruined by a frilly, complicated, overwhelming sectional sofa mess. Booo!


13 thoughts on “10 Non Ugly Sectional Sofas

  1. My living room was asking for a sectional several years ago. Her wish was granted when I found an Italian leather, square fitted cushion sectional with the return on the correct side. I agree they are often bugly, but I like your selections too.

  2. Even though I’m a lady (and a ladyface? I guess? my face is rather lady-like…) I am thrilled with your selections of sections! Thank you, Orlando!

  3. You amuse my bouche. I normally agree, though we have the Clarke sectional from Room and Board and I think it’s pretty glam. I almost cried when we moved into a new place last week and it didn’t fit through the doorway. And then the movers proceeded to get dirty hand prints all over it. Oh well, now I get to find a new couch!

  4. While it is difficult imagining someone outrageously cool like James Dean or Jerrica Benton kicking back on a sectional, your picks above are pretty powerful!

  5. While it is a bit difficult picturing someone outrageously cool like James Dean or Jerrica Benton kicking back on a sectional, your picks are pretty powerful!

  6. I have one similar to the first one and regret buying it. I live alone so love it when I’m here alone but when I have company, it’s a little awkward with the “chaise” part.. I really wish I’d gotten one with an ottoman that could be moved away when I wanted to.

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