Orlando’s Obsession: Tiled Fireplaces

Dear Santa,

I know you love to come down the chimney on Christmas. But let’s be honest, when you emerge through the fireplace, sometimes it’s a bit of a let down. I mean, how many orangey-red bricks can you look at before you want to gouge out your eyeballs with a candy cane? I have a solution for you, Santa. It’s called tiling your fireplace and you’re going to love it. I’ve been thinking about tiled fireplaces lately because Emily and I have a client who wants to add a feminine touch to her fireplace. Tile is a good way to do this, so I’ve been running all over town trying to find samples and gathering ideas of what to do.

I kind of love this shot. The blue is totally bonkers but it goes with the crazy donkey and the crazy electric blue chairs. And the crazy lady painting. This home reminds me of the eccentric auntie I never had.


You can barely see the fireplace in this shot, but I’d die to have one in my dining room. Then whenever a dinner party guest made an inappropriate comment I could threaten to toss him in the fireplace.

Oh wait, even more glamourous than a fireplace in your dining room is a fireplace in your kitchen. I’m scared about what’s happening in this photograph though. Please, Scary Lady, don’t eat the dog!

This isn’t tiled, but I couldn’t resist this mirror. Hay, Mirror!

Okay, there’s no tile here either but how much do you love that horsey painting? Super simple, cute and it totally gives this otherwise boring room some character. Also, Pier 1 called and they want their candles back.

I’m not a huge fan of this shot but I do love this emerald green tile. Also, what’s going on with all that wood in the fireplace? If you started that on fire it would burn down the house and kill everyone. Overzealous styling.

Again, please calm down with the logs.

This pale green is pretty and totally goes with the bright, airy look of the room.

This room is totally for ladies but I love everything. The gold, the chandelier, the patterned fireplace tiles. All gorgeous. Just like each and every one of you. Except you, Donald Trump!

I’m digging this. Tile is such a good opportunity to bring some character, color, and life into a room.

I love this a lot. Pretty colors, insane mirror, flowers in the fire. Totally crazy granny but lovely.

This grey slate is pretty quiet but perfectly styled. Also, somewhere out there a turtle is looking for his house.

Pretty, gleaming, bright white. Just like my skin after a two-week beach vacation.

I’m pretty sure the fireplace imploded right after this shot was taken but this is a beautiful shot. If you never light fires, white is a great option. So clean and bright.

These are a few of my favorite tiles. I’m loving these Moroccan-inspired mosaic tiles. These are from Overstock.com.

Here is a shot of a similar tile installed:

Classic subway tiles in a smaller scale. Kinda adorable. Also from Overstock.com.

Pretty pattern, pretty color, pretty please. From Luxtile.com.

Chevron, I wish I could quit you. From Ann Sacks.

I found these at the PDC. They’re hand glazed terra cotta and totally gorgeous. Each one is unique. Available from Hagan Flynn.

I’m obsessed with that blue color. So pretty.

In short, I’d like to tile my fireplace immediately. But first I have to get a fireplace. Which is where you come in, Santa. My birthday is in less than a month!


5 thoughts on “Orlando’s Obsession: Tiled Fireplaces

  1. You are so funny and snarky in just the right ways!! I always love to read your commentary and the fact that you have fabulous taste is just the cherry on the top. Thank you for making my afternoon!

  2. Great post! …agree with Sarah, just the right amount of “tongue-in-cheek”
    … er, you know what I mean. Thx for making it interesting and keeping it fun.

  3. The fireplaces filled with logs to the top are probably fakes. But hey, Orlando, talking about wood. PLEEEEAAAASE finish your dollhouse!!! So I can fly over to L.A. and buy it or if it’s not for sale steal it!

    Important notice: The author is trying to be funny about stealing the specified object! In no case is he willing to do so and/or impose threat to the specified object and/or it’s owner, setting and/or surrounding!

    I do like your blog 🙂

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