Color Warriors (of Radness)!

Dear Warriors Of Radness,

Sometimes when the cloudy winter weather has me down, I Google images of your clothing and feel better about the world. Everyone knows I love bright colors a little too much. In fact, every time I get dressed, I am accused of being either gay or a woman (one or both of those accusations are true). Not only is Warriors of Radness clothing bright and exciting, it also provides inspiration for some wonderfully playful photographs. Below is a selection of some of my favorite images featuring Warriors of Radness clothing and a collection of uber-glamorous surf hippies. Delightful!

Tank, $22

Hoodie, $125

Graphic Tee (past season)

I Heart WOR Shirt, $12 (was $32)

Tank Top, $40

Pullover, $42 (was $144)

Muscle Guy Shirt, $10 (was $36)

Swim Trunks, $105

Fleece, $110

Surf Punks Tee, $12 (was $36)

Sweatpants, $145

Aqua Shorts, $66

Sweatpants, $145

Sweatpants, $145

Aqua Shorts, $66

The following four looks are from past seasons.

Surf Punks Tee, $12 (was $36)

Stonewash Shorts, $80

Sweatpants, $145

Rainbow Trunks, $28 (was $110)

Even when the sky is full of clouds and it’s cold outside, these pictures make me want to become a beach bum, live in a tent on the sand, and wear neon for the rest of my life. Yay!


2 thoughts on “Color Warriors (of Radness)!

  1. Oh Orlando. I am a 43 year old,non blogging,business owning,mom of 4 from Utah. I love your website. It just makes me happy! Thank you for the fun beachey photos today.

  2. Dear Orlando,
    I missed your posts this week, but instead of complaining I wrote you some haikus (in the loosest possible sense) to inspire you to come back to your adoring anonymous internet public.

    “Color Story”
    Low navy sofa,
    hot pink graphic, crisp white wall
    Brass fixture, green pop

    “Visual Impact of vintage photography books on the antique rosewood console table picked up for a song and much admired by hipster friends.”
    Slip your stack, arrange
    the loose sliding stack of books,
    rearrange, step back

    “Flea Market Morning”
    Banged up brass, leather
    sling chair death. Bring on the first
    cold bite, the dry hunt.

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