I Saw Some Stuff. And So Can You!

Dear San Francisco/New York Snobs,

I know you love to discredit LA as a cultureless wasteland of ugly, but I happen to disagree. Sometimes I like to take pictures of the pretty stuff I see every day. Below are a few of those finds.


My Apartment, Morning After a Party. Hollywood.

The New Library. West Hollywood.

Runyon Canyon. Hollywood Hills.

Vacant Lot Near My Apartment. Hollywood.

(Note the tent in the image below)

Hollywood Boulevard. Hollywood.

Echo Park.

Laurel Canyon Boulevard in a Rainstorm. Hollywood.

Laurel Canyon Boulevard at Mullholland. Hollywood Hills.

The Sky Above My Apartment Building. Hollywood.

View From My Window at 5:30 AM. Hollywood.

Flowering Trees. Hollywood.

Laemmle Sunset (Now Closed). West Hollywood.

Sky Above Hollywood Boulevard. Hollywood.


Orange County.

After The LA Marathon. West Hollywood.

West Hollywood.

So yeah, that’s the type of thing that catches my eye on a daily basis. Now you go out and find some for yourself. You can do it!


4 thoughts on “I Saw Some Stuff. And So Can You!

    that succulent/sunset series nearly gave me a heart attack. so beautiful. so colorful. so west-coast-as-opposed-to-mountain-town-where-chickens-roam-freely.

  2. Thank you so much for a great idea you just gave me!
    I’m about to move to LA and have been almost dreading it. Now I am going to start photographing anything I see that makes me smile, or just looks pretty or interesting. Hopefully, at the end of a month or so I can look back at them and feel better. Thanks!

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