Sun Day

Dear Diary,
I went grocery shopping yesterday and when I got home I was, like, “HARK! Look at how crazy pretty the light is in my apartment!” And then I was like “I should take some pictures of stuff so I can remember how nice and warm everything looks.” It’s been chilly in Los Angeles (I think the temperature dipped below 68 degrees, BRRRR!). Thus, I was happy to get back to my warm, cozy apartment. Here is what my apartment looked like on Sunny Sunday Sun Day:

That vintage Interview Magazine is one of my favorite things in the world. I just love how giant and 80z glam it is. One day, I’ll be as pretty as Sylvester Stallone on that cover. Dreams…


7 thoughts on “Sun Day

  1. There was nothing in those pics that I didn’t like. Even the paint color. And I am catagorically anti-neutral. You da man, Orlando.

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