Dollhouse Update: Back the Drawing Board…

Dear Everyone,

I know a lot of you have been curious WHAT was up with my dollhouse. Well, here’s the scoop. When we started the I’m A Giant challenge, Emily and I were very busy starting our design company and working on clients all over LA and New York. So, to make a long story short, my poor dollhouse sat at Corbett’s house for months, languishing on in the cold garage. Until a few weeks ago when I realized that it was supposed to be done February 1. Clearly that’s not happening, construction is taking much longer than expected (as is often the case with new home construction). Ok, so here’s the progress I’ve made:

The first thing I did is hire my architect friend Louis to design the back of my house. I had no idea what to do back there because I want the entire back of the house to be glass/open but I want it to look like a falling down barn still. Thus, I hired a professional architect to figure it out for me.

For the bathroom floor, I’ve put down couscous as a pebble floor. I’m going to paint it white and finish it with a lacquer finish so it looks fancier.

I adhered the couscous to foamcore frame of my house with white glue. This process was one of those things that seemed like it would be easy when I started. Cut to me screaming and crying on the bathroom floor, covered in Elmer’s glue and couscous bits.

I painted this little chest of drawers peacock blue. Which is the new color of EVERYTHING I’m buying for my apartment. Glamour.

I had to do some minor repairs on the wall in the twins room (sidenote: my dollhouse is inhabited by two gay men Orlando and Ricky Martin and their twin boys Chadleigh and Tadleigh). I found out that you can spackle on top of foam core, which was pretty exciting. I am going to paint it all flat blue and then fix the trim, etc.

I’ve actually done a lot more than this but I haven’t had time to take any pictures because I spent the last week on a top secret celebrity interior design job. I’ll tell you about that when you’re older. Until then, I’ll be trapped in my apartment working on my dollhouse.


8 thoughts on “Dollhouse Update: Back the Drawing Board…

  1. “This process was one of those things that seemed like it would be easy when I started. Cut to me screaming and crying on the bathroom floor, covered in Elmer’s glue and couscous bits.” was by far the funniest thing I heard/read all week! Thank you.

  2. I want a pebbled floor in my bathroom! Is this the part where it looks really messy then it is magically finished and looks all polished?

  3. well Frank Lloyd Wright had Falling Water…Orlando Soria has FALLING BARN… tomatoe/tomato…
    Because of the I’m a Giant project I started reading your blog and have enjoyed reading you so much that I had forgotten about YOUR man-dollhouse… the twins will love growing up in this house that will awaken they’re adventurous spirit as soon as they take one step in it!! I’ll wait patiently enjoying every post that has nothing to do with this till the next update…all the luck with your super top secret celebrity gig!!

  4. Dude, it’s looking amazing… It’s art, really. Speaking of which, sorry for “spamming” your FB page with the hoarders dollhouse that I shared there. I meant to add a comment to the effect that if I were to design a doll house, it would look like that. And asking you how yours was coming along, since there had not been an update on it in some time. Now we know!

  5. It looks like it’s going to be SUPER cool! I just laughed out loud when I read the bit about your houses inhabitants, and then my coworker who was on the phone poked her head over and asked if I was laughing at her. I said yes 😉 But she knows I’m kidding…I think.

  6. Couscous!?!? Brilliantly insane. It is really going to look phenomenal. Your house is incredible. It kinda sucks that even in miniature everything takes longer than you’d expect. I built this house for the challenge, starting with a kit, but I added all of the windows and a second floor:

    I tried having the front of the house be all glass, but I need an architect for some ideas to make it look realistic and not just a big sheet of plexiglass. I’m planning to bring the house to LA if/when the show happens. I’m really looking forward to seeing your house completed. Good luck, hang in there, and we all understand the delays. Thanks for the update!!

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