My So-Called Ugly Shower

Dear Bathroom,

When I moved into my apartment, the showerbath looked like this:

That was ugly, so I put up a white shower curtain. This made the room look much more clean and fresh (I promise. It looked good in real life. This is a terrible photo):

But the white curtain was boring, so I replaced it with a shower curtain I stole from my mother’s linen closet. The good thing about my mother is that she hoards sheets, towels, and all sorts of linens. Continuously buying linens gives her a sense that everything is under control and the world is abundant with possibilities. What isn’t abundant is storage space at my parents’ house. So I never buy linens anymore, I just steal them from orMOMdo. I have no idea where she got this one but I’m into it. I’m digging the green in my stark white bathroom.

I paired it with a simple stripe rug.

And some art my friend Blake made in college.

And then I was happy and I no longer hated my gross shower. Now onto the next thing to hyperscrutinize.


9 thoughts on “My So-Called Ugly Shower

  1. but did you take out the sliding doors? or are they behind the curtain?
    I looks as if the guy in the image is peeking into the shower! and that was a super low-budget makeover brought to you by orMOMdo, read you soon!!

  2. You little devil, and I just bought a new shower curtain with just about the same color scheme to redo my bathroom!

  3. Also I got that shower curtain at a discount at Jeremy’s in SF and I think it was from Anthropology.

  4. i hope you will write a children’s book for the children of LGBT couples based on the adventures of chadleigh and tadleigh in their funhouse..
    actually i think we’d all buy it.

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