I’m Seriously Sweating These Seven Sweaters

Sweaters Can Help You Achieve That Youthful Aloof Look

Dear Los Angeles,

How do I love thee, let me count the ways… Except I have a bone to pick with you. Why is it 85 degrees in January? Here I am sweating in my apartment, trying to come up with design plans and all I want to do is wear a sweater and maybe see a raindrop or two. I know this whining is probably totally annoying to anyone reading this in a cold place, sitting in front of their computers shivering like the Little Match Girl, but I really wouldn’t mind a few more months of wintry weather before pool party season. My fantasizing about sweaters has led me to some online shopping. And here is what I found.

This sweater reminds me of one my mom knitted for my dad in the 70s. Totally classic and comfy looking. Topman, $84.

This one has the same vibe, but in tasty navy. Levis, $100 (on sale).

This is also from Levi’s, which is maybe my favorite clothing company in the whole world. I’m loving the festive snowflakes, wishing I could see some snow soon… $100 (also on sale).

This is a totally dorky picture, but don’t you love that color? I do. Ralph Lauren, $410 (on sale from $895, what a bargain, right. Not).

I love this Native American-inspired pattern on the sweater. Those 90z Abercrombie & Fitch pants? Not so much (Sidenote: a friend of mine recently outlawed us all from tucking our pants into our boots. Thoughts? I’m agnostic on the issue). Ralph Lauren, $185.

I love how white, tidy, and perfect this one is. And the sweater isn’t bad either. Ralph Lauren, $265.

Because the Ralph Lauren sweaters were giving me sticker shock, I had to end with something a little more attainable. I love myself a hoodie. And this one is knitted, which makes it even more luxurious. H&M, $35.

If you’re looking for me you’ll find me in my apartment, fantasizing about sweaters, sweater weather, and hommes in sweaters. Because there really is nothing more glamourous in the whole world. Sigh.


4 thoughts on “I’m Seriously Sweating These Seven Sweaters

  1. Hey Mr Orlando, Some how, I don’t feel your pain, but I promise, we will have a cold wet spring, and we will all wish it was December. Come shopping on Melrose, I just saw some sweaters that have your name written all over them. Thinking of you and enjoying all your post. Hf, K
    Ps. your apt. is really looking swacky and chic, I’m waiting for the blue walls

  2. I’m sure just like last year, you’ll be able to wear the sweaters in June. I swear the last few years have been completely backwards in LA when it comes to weather. I’m trying to enjoy the heat now since it took forever for summer to even arrive in ’11.

    I love the color of the Ralph Lauren sweater, too. I think about 1/4th of my wardrobe is that color.

  3. I want to knit all of those sweaters. Figures I married a guy who’d rather wear something made by a machine.

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