Around The Apartment

Dear Apartment,

I’m enjoying you these days after I spent a full 24 hours cleaning you like a crazy person (think Annette Benning in that crazy cleaning scene in “American Beauty” or the crazy mom vacuuming in “Requiem For A Dream). You got really dirty over the last month of New York travel, holiday hoopla, and work craziness. Below are a few of my favorite spots in my apartment.

My very favorite place is my bed. Because it’s so comfortable and cozy. This is the view I see every morning. The palm tree outside my window is named “Henry” and he greets me every morning. Just kidding I’m not weird enough to have named my palm tree. Or am I? Either way I love him very much.

This is my dining room. My favorite thing in there is the chairs. Luckily I can stare right at them through the glass dining table.

This is a weird painting in my bathroom. It’s from a series of paintings I made where the subject is falling (or floating, you decide!). Coincidentally, this is what I want my body to look like after my January diet (it’s called “OrlanDiet,” expect and annoying post about it soon).

One time, I went crazy and bought tons of airplants. Now they are all over my apartment and boy are the thirsty. They, like, always want something to drink and are exhausting to take care of. Especially in California where humidity doesn’t exist.

This is my bathroom. I have this fantasy where there is so much art in my apartment that one night it smothers me in my sleep.

This is a little table in my bedroom. It belonged to my great grandmother and has been all over the place with me. The architectural drawing above it is one of my favorite things in the whole world.

This is in my dressing area. I think I want to paint this whole area a dark dramatic color, I just can’t decide what. Maybe peacock blue.

So yeah, that’s what I’ve been staring at around the house. Many improvements to be made so stay tuned.


7 thoughts on “Around The Apartment

  1. is there such a thing as owning TOO MUCH ART? I think of it as jewelry for the home…give every piece a chance to shine and switch it around depending on the mood (and so no one gets their feelings hurt…plants drink and greet and art has a heart, who knew?!)

  2. Hi Orlando, I also have a table very similar to yours from my grandmother and I cherish it. I love your styling. Can you comment on what your favorite or go-to colors are for “white” wall paint? I have a mix of mid century and vintage and want to find that perfect white wall color…something that has some warmth to it. Trim will be bright white I think.

  3. I love your apartment! Could not agree more about the art. Am currently on a search for more in preparation for moving to a bigger place. Thank you for all the inspiration you put on your blog!
    Happy New Year,

  4. i keep my air plants in my shower. i have a little ledge and it’s about the only place in the house where they get regular humidity. i think you’re supposed to soak them once a week or something, too, but i never do and they seem stoked enough in the shower, so i don’t sweat it. plus it’s kind of fun to see some happy green plants in the shower.

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