Crafting With orMOMdo: Felt Ornaments

Dear My Mother,

Some of my favorite memories of you come from the holiday season, when you turn from a normal mom to Martha-Stewart-On-Crack-Mom. I don’t think there’s been a holiday in my life where you haven’t stayed up until after midnight night after night ferociously writing Christmas cards, dipping centerpieces in gold, making wreathes out of branches you cut from the back yard, and wrapping presents in repurposed papers and fancy ribbon. This year, you’ve chosen to make these adorable little felt ornaments as gifts and I have to say I just love them.

I’ve never met a penguin I didn’t like, including this one.

Starfish funtimez.

My mom is obsessed with sheep (see her collection here). It’s a serious issue and we might have to have a sheep intervention soon.

One time, my parents had a pet mouse. And by “pet mouse” I mean that a mouse decided to live in their house, terrorizing them day after day. I believe that traumatic experience inspired this adorable ornament.

Naturally, when you make your own felt ornaments you have to wrap them in handmade origami boxes. It’s just a fact of life.

One of my favorite ornaments is the one made to look like Rex. Rex is my brother’s dog who we’re all in love with because he’s such a good friend.

This is the real Rex. Isn’t he cute? He could also eat your face, but he would never do that unless you made an unforgivable design faux pas.

I’m sure hoping Santa brings me one of these felt ornaments! And, yes, by “Santa” I do mean “My Mother Catherine Soria,” the lady that taught me to love Christmas.

LOL (Lots Of Love),

5 thoughts on “Crafting With orMOMdo: Felt Ornaments

  1. I’m starting to worry that I don’t have a Christmas tradition going yet with my children and some day they might just be writing about me in their blogs in a not-so-loving way…I need to get my act together because I want one day to read a blog post written by my children like this one about your mother so full of love and admiration

  2. These are adorable!!! I would love to try and do this myself but wouldn’t even know where to start! Can you or your mom give some instructions on how she crafts these? I would be so grateful because I just LOVE them and would love try and make them!
    I love your blog by the way! It’s the best!!

  3. I chuckled to myself as I read “LOL (Lots of Love),” because it made me think of my own mom. When she first started texting, she thought that was what LOL meant. Of course, that resulted in plenty of confusion on my end initially since she seemed to be laughing out loud rather randomly and inappropriately. Gotta love moms!

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