Art: David Benjamin Sherry

Dear Santa,

Thanks for bringing Christmas early this year. You brought Emily and I the raddest clients ever and then one of those clients brought my attention to an amazing artist I didn’t know about. His name is David Benjamin Sherry and he makes photographs that represent the world as I see it (where everything is a highly saturated candy color, nature is king, and glamour is everywhere).

The moment I knew I loved our new New York clients was when we walked into their living room and saw this:

I grew up in Yosemite, so I love seeing images of my homeland. But most of them are so cheesy and lame, so it’s cool to see that someone did something powerful and atmospheric with this valley image instead of the traditional Kodak colors. Many postcard photos of Yosemite feature sickeningly green trees, but none use color as intentionally as this piece:

David also photographs sculptural objects, making them into abstract still lifes.

I want to dive into this aqua and live in it forever and ever.

This is how I felt when I got off my red-eye on the way to New York.

Another sculptural piece. Kind of like Kiki Smith minus the ick factor.

I love this guy. Such a pretty, powerful image, but also totally gross.

I’m attracted to pretty sparkly things, so sue me!

One of David’s series features him incorporated into the landscape in full body paint. I think this is just lovely.

Get me to that candy forest!

Another beautiful nature photograph, taken to another level with the use of sinister blood-red tinting.

Again, I’m a sucker for aqua. Pretty.

In conclusion, Santa, I’ll take one print each of these photographs. Their color sensibility is inspiring and exciting. Just like you!


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  1. You’re right–he messed around with the color in a way that could have been cheesy but it just looks masterful.

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