Hi, High Line!

Dear Travel Journal,

I’ve been swept away to world-famous New York City, where Emily and I are doing a totally glamorous lake house remodel. It’s been a busy trip, with less time for lollygagging and friend hugging than I expected, but I did find time to slip away and ogle the High Line. I used to live a block away from this glorious park so I’ve seen it a million times. But I hadn’t seen it since they added the section north of 21st Street, which is arguably even more stunning than the original section. Please enjoy these photographs I took on a lovely brisk day just as the sun was setting.

I kind of want these shipping container art pieces in my house:

New York is truly a glamourcity.


3 thoughts on “Hi, High Line!

  1. i think the highline must be heaven, not least because it is…resurrected? thank you for loving this.

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