Hair: What to ‘Do???

Dear My Hair,

Why do you bore me so? The haircut I have now is one I’ve had on and off since I was 16 years old. It’s totally fine. My friends and I like to call it the “Funboy” haircut. It’s the type of haircut you have when you have, like, no imagination. Thus, I’ve been pondering the following five haircuts, wondering which I could pull off.

This one is awesome. If I had this haircut everyone would be scared of me and how cool I was. Which is pretty much my goal in life.

I like this haircut, but it kind of depends on what direction the wind is going. If the wind blows the wrong way I’m sure it looks ugly. Like my current haircut.

I like this ‘do. I’ve tried it a few times but it does weird things in the wind (i.e. when it blows back it looks like your toupee is coming off your head).

Another bowl cut. Super feminine but SO fashiony!

I think this could be the winner of the group. It’s definite FashionHair, but it’s classic enough not to look like they’re trying too hard.

In conclusion, don’t be surprised if you see me in the street with a bowl cut.


10 thoughts on “Hair: What to ‘Do???

  1. Orlando,

    I stumbled upon your blog awhile ago and enjoy it very much!
    I never leave comments on the sites I follow, however I think you are much too adorable to have a bowl cut. You sound so enthusiastic about it so I feel badly saying otherwise, but I think of all the examples listed, the last option is really a great one.


  2. I think you could rock the bowl! It’s hair, it’s meant to be fun and how else can you be creative with your body that’s totally changeable! Go crazy, try them all! Make 2012 the year of 8 or 10 hairstyles.

  3. Dear Orlando,
    I too have pondered the bowl cut. And then rejected it as too severe. I think that hairstyle only works in two situations:
    A) if you are a member of Arcade Fire
    B) if you only communicate with rolling your eyes.
    In short, the bowl cut would require you to frown and look concentrated all the time, and that is so not you. I think the second you said something funny or cracked a smile, people’s heads would explode.
    Go for the last look, maybe ask your stylist to keep the front a little longer even, so that you could style it (on special occassion FUNDAYS, i.e. whenever) into the forward, flippy, my-hair-is-an-ocean-wave-of-sexiness pouf/hairdid.
    I am sure you will look great whatever you decide.

  4. I’m not hitting on your or anything… just happened to stumble here, but you’re hot.. so, you could probably rock the Dennis Rodman and make it a huge hit. Just saying. 🙂 Good luck with your hair cut adventure!

  5. The buzz cut sides and longer top with lots of product (unaffectionately referred to as the “Hitler”) is extremely popular here in San Francisco, and is quite sexy on the right man. Just not on Hitler.

  6. I noticed the snowflakes and had immediate Geocities flashbacks. And then I took it a step further and put your site in the Geocities-izer and it seriously made my fucking day. Thank you.

  7. What I especially enjoy about these wonderful styles above is how seamlessly they blend with most modern furnishings. And that they are shiny. Thank you for your time. – Brian

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