Whut Glamour: New Painting for the Dining Room!

Dear The Painting I Just Made,

My friend and fellow designer Matthew Lanphier commissioned me to make you for one of his clients recently, and here are the results.

I have been painting waves since graduate school, but none have had this crazy sense of movement and noise. Here is a view of the painting hanging in my dining room.

I have to admit, I kind of you want to keep you in my apartment, Painting, and never let you go. I’ll miss you, but I am comforted that you will be loved in your new home in Chicago…


PS: I can’t stand the DISGUSTING color of my walls. They definitely need to be painted soon…

11 thoughts on “Whut Glamour: New Painting for the Dining Room!

  1. I really like it! It’s part “moody depths” part “shit, I spilled the paint” and all gorgeousness.It also sort of makes me want to learn to surf, but not really, as surfing looks hard and I live in the desert so maybe I’ll just wear the cute surfer girl clothes from swell.com. By the way, I truly love your blog. Thank you for writing it.

  2. hey you piece of *****!!!! why don’t you ever paint me a painting? i’ll sew you a dress if you paint me a painting? you secret artistic genius you. i had the worst dream last night that i was mad at you because you got your haircut in the middle of the day while you should have been helping me find a sofa. please don’t do that. it was very upsetting. i’m excited to see you on the tv in 1 hour. because you are a handsome fellow, indeed. merry christmas.

    1. Gurl, I’ll make you a painting! But I’ll never get a haircut if you don’t want me to. Ever. I can’t wait to see the Xmas special so I can truly get in the holiday spirit. Love.

  3. This is incredible. I too have had an obsession with waves. Great work! I want. Love your blog btw.

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