Fleamarkettimez: Rose Bowl

Dear Stormy Weather,

Where were you Sunday for the Rose Bowl Flea Market? I thought it was going to be all rainy and gross, but instead it was sunny and glorious. And hot. I showed up early with Bonnie, one of the new members of Team Emily and we scoured the Bowl for fun finds. I’m going to be honest, it wasn’t the best week for Rose Bowl. Firstly, Emily was in Orlando (Florida, no relation) and so that was sad. Second, we didn’t find everything we needed for our interior design clients (mainly, a ton of benches and a huge chandelier). Here’s what we saw…

A sexy brass regency coffee table. I don’t love the glass so if we’d bought it I probably would replace it with a rectangular piece. $400.

One of our clients loves mid-century, so we thought this could be good for them. It’s pretty basic but has nice lines and was in great condition for $125.

I liked this piece for our mid-century client as well, but we ended up choosing something with a bit more character. $400.

Another mid-century coffee table. $400.

This is a pretty basic mid-century chair, but at $350 it was a bit too expensive considering we’d have to reupholster. The upholstery was in fine condition but the retro fabric doesn’t really suit any of our clients.

This bench is gross, right? Or would it be cool reupholstered? I think it could be rad. Or disgusting. I can’t make up my mind… $500.

I love the lines of these chairs. I’d get them lacquered in white or black and reupholster in a pretty linen. $400/pair.

Am I the only one who LOVES chicken casseroles? I want to go to a dinner party where everything is served out of a ceramic bird. Glamour. $40 – $150.

This is the coffee table we bought for our mid-century client. Super cute, tons of character, also visually light so it doesn’t take up too much space in the middle of the room. $200.

Pretty Moroccan screen. $300.

These benches would have been awesome except for that weird foot thing… I love the punched metal back. $125/pair.

We are looking for a trunk for a French country/industrial client. This one is gorgeous, and looks like it’s covered in toxic mold. $200.

Another wooden trunk. This one was $400. Highway ROBBERY!

This chair is a cute shape and only $65 so I totally wanted to buy it (to reupholster, obviously) but we didn’t have a client for it so we had to leave it behind. Tears.

Apparently I like trunks. The chipping paint on this one is delightful. $250.

How FUN are these 50z reindeer? I totally wanted to buy them, but didn’t. $175.

When I was little I was obsessed with seals. This one has a ball on his nose. True, true love. $90/set 3 toys.

Oh what? A trunk? You DON’T say! $200. Sidenote: I didn’t actually buy ANY trunks, I just paparazzi’d them all day.

Owl lamp. $20. (ugly shade though)

Bonnie, our gorgeous assistant, bought this lovely lamp for her living room. Cute, no? $50.

We bought this adorable glass set to accessorize the credenza for our mid-century client. $35.

How awesomely amazingly disgustingly genius is the grotesque desk? I have no idea how much it cost, I was too ashamed/excited to ask.

I thought these could work for bedside lamps for a client, but then I thought that would be weird. Seem more appropriate for outdoor or something. $150/pair.

We bought these for $100/pair. Could work for a few of our clients.

I liked these aqua trunks. Good for accessorizing a big space because there were so many of them. $90/set 5.

Finally, and most excitingly, I found this xmas tree. It’s an original from the 50z. It looks small but it’s 7′ tall, which is exciting. I kind of want to set it up right now so I can stare at it forever but I am going to practice restraint. $100.

So that’s what I found over the weekend. Not too shabby!


4 thoughts on “Fleamarkettimez: Rose Bowl

  1. i love your tree! i have two, but neither are that tall. i am trying to resist getting mine out until next week.

  2. Yikes, that bench is definitely gross. Totally exacerbates my belly button phobia. *shiver*

    But Bonnie’s lamp find is awesome, and great deal on that glassware!

    Seriously, though, put up the tree! That thing is too amazing to not have up as long as possible! 🙂

  3. The midcentury coffee table you bought is great. Definitely the best of the ones you showed, and at a pretty good price, too!

    I’m jealous of Bonnie’s lamp… I’ve been looking for a floor lamp I actually like and can afford for awhile now to no avail.

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