Trick? Or? Treat?: Robyn

Dear Robyn,

I went to your concert last weekend and it was totally fun. That being said I had little choice in whether or not I went to the concert. Gays are obligated by Gay Law to attend Robyn concerts, even if they don’t want to (which, to be honest, I kind of didn’t). I have gone to all of your (seemingly monthly) LA concerts for the past few years and I have never paid for one or planned ahead. For some reason there are ALWAYS extra Robyn tickets at the last minute that people are just dying to give away. The scene at a Robyn concert is always the same: Hot Model Gays Wearing Neon Tank Tops, Cute Straight Girls With Asymmetrical Hair and Long Feather Earrings, and their Agreeable Straight Boyfriends, just along for the ride. Robyn is one of those performers you kind of forget about until you see her live. She is truly an excellent performer and her songs are catchy and absolutely danceable. Also, she usually wears totally fun clothes that make you laugh, like floral stretch pants or a dress made out of Koosh Balls. The show was at the Hollywood Bowl and my friends and I had nosebleeder seats, way in the back of the amphitheatre. There are no bad seats at the Bowl, in my opinion, because if you’re way in the back you can dance your face off and there aren’t any snobby rich people wearing monocles to look down on you. For those of you who don’t know Robyn’s music (read: anyone who isn’t a Hot Model Gay Wearing Neon Tank Top or a Cute Straight Girl With Asymmetrical Hair and Long Feather Earrings), here is my favorite of her music videos:

In other news, only slightly Robyn-related, I still have no idea what I want to be for Halloweekend (which starts in less than 48 hours!). Thus, I’m turning to Robyn for costume ideas. Here are a few inspirations I found:

Bossy School Teacher/Nerd/Giant Hand Lady. Why not?:

Demolition Tracktor Uni-Arm:

Sexy Bee, Always a Crowd-Pleaser!:

Pastel Paint Can Explosion Victim:

Giant Hands Boxer:

Snotty Princess:

Sexy Parisienne:

1990z Computer Screen Pixels:

Killer Astronaut:

Green Bean With Sour Cream Dollop Head:

Thanks for all the costume inspiration, Robyn. I’ll be spending the next few days FREAKING OUT about what to be, then just settling for my original costume idea, “Bone Didion” (a skeleton version of Joan Didion). My life is, like, SO hard.


4 thoughts on “Trick? Or? Treat?: Robyn

  1. The sexy bee costume reminds me of a great Halloween costume I did with a friend once. We were “the bee’s knees” and “the cat’s pajamas” I can’t reuse it- maybe you can… But! If you do it has to be with feety pajamas. Good luck with your costume decision.

    Also, if you do decide to go with “Bone Didion” please post pictures!

  2. green bean with sour cream. i think we all need to be food more often. or you could be a cracker. like a huge triscuit. or a carrot – that would be strangely easy actually. shit, should i be a carrot? i just might be a carrot…..but a sexy carrot, with sexy green hair.

    i’m bringing veggies back. yeah.

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