I’m A Giant Update

Dear Dolls Waiting To Move Into My Dollhouse,

Due to reasons beyond my control, there has been a slight delay in the construction of your home. Emily and I have been swamped with full-sized human clients and it turns out your house has been swept to the back burner until we get our human interior design projects further along. Don’t be sad, Dolls, I did see this wonderful fixer-upper at Rose Bowl over the weekend (for $68!). If you like, you can rent it while you wait for your glamour barn to be built. I know it’s not your style, but it will do for now:

Okay, so onto the slow construction down on the farm. Firstly, I added trim to the outside of the house. I am going to beat this up with a mini axe and then distress the whole thing and paint it grey so it looks like aged wood. I might even create some simulated holes in the outside of the barnhouse. I want the outside of my house to look as revolting as possible because, as you know, true beauty shines from within.

Oh yeah, and I added sleek doors. Creating them was a bit tricky because I had to encase them since the whole house is on a slant. I think they turned out pretty glamorous though.

For the outside, I want to do ring door pulls like this:

For the interior, I want to do sleek leather-wrapped chrome door pulls like this:

So, in conclusion, Dolls, I’m sorry your house is taking so long. It’s not easy building something from scratch. But it’s going to be worth the wait, I promise!


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