Oh My Good!: Chipotle Commercial

Dear Diary,

Last night I went to see the film Weekend. It was a pretty awesome movie if you like to watch gay British hipsters fall in love. But that’s not what we’re here to talk about. Before the main feature played, a short film was screened. The soundtrack to this short film is a Willie Nelson cover to Coldplay’s “The Scientist,” which was the soundtrack to my very first breakup after my very first time falling in love in college. Naturally, because I had such a strong connection with the song and because this little short film was so somber, I got hysterical and ran out of the theatre, ugly-crying all the way to the bathroom. Ok, I didn’t actually do that. I did almost cry though, which is a lot for me because I believe everyone should hide their emotions as much as possible. It’s a perfectly healthy thing to do. You can imagine my slight disgust when I realized that this incredible little film was a Chipotle commercial. Not that I have anything against Chipotle (after all, the did break free from McDonalds, which is laudable). There’s just something creepy about getting all emotional and then realizing that you were watching a burrito commercial. Just the word “burrito” makes you feel silly. Say it to yourself three times right now. BURRITO! So here’s the film:

And here’s how they made it. Pretty fun to watch. So much artistry, time, and attention to detail went into this project.

In conclusion, I still feel like a dork for crying at a Chipotle commercial, but it was really good, so leave me alone.


4 thoughts on “Oh My Good!: Chipotle Commercial

  1. I’m so glad that I am not the only person who was moved by a Chipotle commercial featuring animated pigs. I mean, Willie Nelson + Coldplay song + homespun animation is bad enough … but when the farmer freed the animals, perhaps I lost it. At least the theater was dark.

    Because I’m a nerd, and my friends are nerds, this short film spurred a heated discussion about creating art for commercial purposes. It’s a genius piece of animation. And ok, sure, it has a nice message about cultivating a better future. But at the same time, those pigs are trying to sell me lots of burritos (well, burrito bowls, no rice).

    Let’s just be honest: I’m an easy sell. I don’t need to cry in the dark over cute pigs running free to be motivated to buy a burrito (well, burrito bowl, no rice). But I must admit, it’s a nice touch.

  2. You basically took the words right out of my mouth, except I was watching Drive and I had already graduated college by the time this song came out.

  3. Ha ha ha! To funn but cool mini house. Have you seen the Flickr group
    “Modern dollhouse?” They even have one for recycled products. Cheers
    Myrealitty aka More2view

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