Collecting: My Parents’ House

Dear My Mom,

During this glorious visit to Yosemite, I have been enjoying ogling all the tiny items you’ve collected over the years. I admit to thinking some of them were cheesy in the past, but now that I’ve entered into a world of object-seeking, I’ve gained a new appreciation for the nuance of your collection of artworks and objects from around the world.

Let’s get started with your crazy sheep collection. Who could resist these cuties?

I’ve always loved this old tansu that grandma got while you guys were living in Japan (sidenote to readers: my mother spent her formative years in Japan which is probably the reason there is so much Japanese stuff in my parents’ house).

Both these pieces are mine: a David Beckham print from my Cornell buddy Blake and a FujiPole (that I obtained whilst climbing Mt. Fuji with my mom in 2001).

This is kind of a lame picture but I love this plant. I don’t know what it’s called but I know they sell them at Mickey Hartigay’s Plants in West Hollywood and they cost more than I care to spend on a weird-looking plant.

My mother loves a dried hydrangea, and I must admit its washed out color meshes well with this bright vignette.

I made this painting. Jealous?

Some of my mother’s kokeshi dolls.

My favorite plate. I used to try to imitate the pissed-off look in that dude’s face.

The head from a kokeshi doll. Sidenote: what’s the deal with decapitated doll heads trending as design objects right now? Or is that just an LA thing?

Gotta love a terrarium, not that there isn’t a whole world of green outside…

My mother’s Stickley china hutch. I dare anyone else to try and fit that much in there.

A detail of the table. See more pics in the full slideshow.

To see the full collection of collected items at my parents’ house, please see:

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I hope you’ve enjoyed this trip into my mother’s collecting brain. I sure know I have.